Stained glass: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam


The Great Hall in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is Cathedral-like with its spectacular wall of stained glass, made by William Francis Dixon (1847-1928) in London in 1884. Continue reading

Sangria-influenced scribbles

Some moments spent scribbling around Portugal (a couple of these may have been influenced by a glass of sangria).

From the balcony, joggers along the waterside, Viana do Castelo

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Stained glass: Viana do Castelo

The church of Santa Luzia at the top of a mount overlooking Viana do Castelo spends a lot of time hidden in the clouds. Looking as spectacular as an Indian temple and with views to match once the sun comes out, it’s a wonderful place to spend some time. The camera I took the photo with below doesn’t do the glass justice. Continue reading

Responsible travel


I’ve just designed a poster for @ronmader the gentleman behind Responsible Travel Week 2013 and As a graphic designer I’ve been fortunate enough to design many travel guides over the years and as someone who loves to travel myself, it’s a joy to be surrounded by stunning images of destinations I may only dream to visit one day. Oh yes there is so much exploring to do, sketches to scribble and inspiration to gain. My work encourages people to make their own journeys around the world, but inevitably we all need to consider the impact this has on our beautiful planet. I’m fairly new to tweeting and blogging so this is a first for me, but I look forward to following the tweets during this week long online event, it should be interesting.