Stained glass: ‘Flowers’ for the garden shed

‘Flowers’ stained glass panel for the garden shed,

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Stained glass: The Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin at Clumber Park

Stained glass windows by Charles Eamer Kempe

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Stained glass: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam


The Great Hall in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is Cathedral-like with its spectacular wall of stained glass, made by William Francis Dixon (1847-1928) in London in 1884. Continue reading

Stained glass: Viana do Castelo

The church of Santa Luzia at the top of a mount overlooking Viana do Castelo spends a lot of time hidden in the clouds. Looking as spectacular as an Indian temple and with views to match once the sun comes out, it’s a wonderful place to spend some time. The camera I took the photo with below doesn’t do the glass justice. Continue reading