Brentford Musical Museum

Brentford Musical Museum is a wonderful self-funded museum dedicated to the history of self-playing musical instruments enjoyed by people over the centuries. An enthusiastic volunteer will take you on a tour of the instruments, from tiny musical box all the way up to the Mighty Wurlizter which is still used to accompany films shown in the Concert Hall. Situated opposite Waterman’s Park by the River Thames and just along the road from Brentford High Street, the museum has a cafe open to the public. Here are some snippits… Continue reading

A little inspiration for good posture


This is a little inspiration for me to sit up straight at my computer..
I happened across the English National Ballet presenting a day of classes and workshops in the Clore Ballroom at the Royal Festival Hall and took a few fun, blurry photos. I was impressed by the dancers’ professionalism, dedication and talent as they showed the public a snapshot of their daily routine.
See for performances. Continue reading