Environment: fracking

We watched Josh Fox’s award winning film Gasland on Saturday and learned what terrible health and environment problems had been caused by Fracking in the US. I was shocked to then hear yesterday that George Osborne and the energy companies have announced plans to use this destructive technology all over the UK to extract Shale gas. Shale companies will pay communities £100,000 per well where fracking takes place and 1 per cent of revenues once production starts. Everyone should be informed about the toxic pollution of water and air and the implications it has on life around these wells.

Gasland can be bought on DVD at http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/whats-fracking
or viewed online for free at https://youtu.be/6mp4ELXKv-w

If you’d like to use this poster, or a variation of it, just let me know. Continue reading

Environment: anti-plastic


Watching the news a few weeks ago, I was moved to see Albatrosses in Hawaii feeding their young chicks plastic bags they’d mistaken for food. It seems that these beautiful islands are particularly prone to ocean currents washing up the world’s litter on to its idyllic beaches. I was wondering if this poster, or a version of it, could be used to help publicize the issue at all. Do let me know.

Responsible travel


I’ve just designed a poster for @ronmader the gentleman behind Responsible Travel Week 2013 and Planeta.com. As a graphic designer I’ve been fortunate enough to design many travel guides over the years and as someone who loves to travel myself, it’s a joy to be surrounded by stunning images of destinations I may only dream to visit one day. Oh yes there is so much exploring to do, sketches to scribble and inspiration to gain. My work encourages people to make their own journeys around the world, but inevitably we all need to consider the impact this has on our beautiful planet. I’m fairly new to tweeting and blogging so this is a first for me, but I look forward to following the tweets during this week long online event, it should be interesting.