Stained glass: Viana do Castelo

The church of Santa Luzia at the top of a mount overlooking Viana do Castelo spends a lot of time hidden in the clouds. Looking as spectacular as an Indian temple and with views to match once the sun comes out, it’s a wonderful place to spend some time. The camera I took the photo with below doesn’t do the glass justice. Continue reading

Stained glass: Church of St Anne, Kew Green

The first Church on this site was built in 1714 on land given by Queen Anne, and largely at her expense. Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788), the English portrait and landscape artist, is buried here. Johann Zoffany (1733-1810), a German neoclassical painter is also buried here and lived at Strand-on-the-Green just across the river. Both artists enjoyed the patronage of King George III and Queen Charlotte who spent time at the nearby Kew House, Gainsborough the Royal Family’s favourite painter.