Brentford Musical Museum

Brentford Musical Museum is a wonderful self-funded museum dedicated to the history of self-playing musical instruments enjoyed by people over the centuries. An enthusiastic volunteer will take you on a tour of the instruments, from tiny musical box all the way up to the Mighty Wurlizter which is still used to accompany films shown in the Concert Hall. Situated opposite Waterman’s Park by the River Thames and just along the road from Brentford High Street, the museum has a cafe open to the public. Here are some snippits… Continue reading

Stained glass: St John the Apostle, Torquay

St John the Apostle is the prominent church which overlooks Torquay Harbour. At night a large neon cross shines brightly from the tower. This was given in memory of Cecil Maude, the famous actor-manager by his wife, the later Mrs Beatrice Maude and dedicated by the Bishop of Exeter on 8 Sept 1955. Information here is taken from a short guide to the church.

I’d wanted to visit this church for many years as some of the windows are by Edward Burne-Jones. I wasn’t disappointed, the church has a wealth of beautiful stained glass.

IMG_6098   IMG_6100   IMG_6103 Continue reading