Found objects: shop front, Brentford

Some building work took place at 69 Windmill Road in Brentford a few weeks ago, just at the end of York Road, south of the A4, revealing a modest shop sign from a time past. Shop signs in pre-computer days were something to behold, with beautiful lettering carefully handpainted by skilled craftsmen. I wondered what store this had been, and contacted Celia from the Brentford High Street Project, a great source of historic information for the area, see to discover more. Celia did some detective work, checking an old phone directory on and found this entry in 1973:

W.J. Evans, dairy farmer, 69 Windmill Rd, Brentford 01 560 2634.

So this could have been a dairy… do let us know if you happen to remember!


4 thoughts on “Found objects: shop front, Brentford

  1. I lived at 50 Windmill Road from approx. 1952 – 1961 and remember the dairy at 69 Windmill Road very well it was where we got most of our groceries at the time. I also remember the couple who owned the dairy. I remember them as being very friendly they seemed very old to my young eyes as I was only 2 years old in 1952. I often go past where the shop was on the bus it does bring back memories.

    • How lovely to hear your memories of the dairy Christine. I just caught sight of the sign during an opportune moment while renovation work was happening, it’s covered up again now.

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