Wonderful shop fronts: Blustons, Kentish Town

Blustons, still sells coats and gowns, from its 60’s style shop frontage. I love the walk-through window shopping entrance.


Found objects: shop front, Brentford

Some building work took place at 69 Windmill Road in Brentford a few weeks ago, just at the end of York Road, south of the A4, revealing a modest shop sign from a time past. Shop signs in pre-computer days were something to behold, with beautiful lettering carefully handpainted by skilled craftsmen. I wondered what store this had been, and contacted Celia from the Brentford High Street Project, a great source of historic information for the area, see www.bhsproject.co.uk to discover more. Celia did some detective work, checking an old phone directory on ancestry.co.uk and found this entry in 1973:

W.J. Evans, dairy farmer, 69 Windmill Rd, Brentford 01 560 2634.

So this could have been a dairy… do let us know if you happen to remember!